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Hi, I’m Yvette, welcome to my kitchen.  Here you'll find family recipes from far-off corners of the world.  Growing up in a military family, my cooking is influenced by the many places I've lived.  I've experienced the food and cultures from Native American Indian reservations, the street food of Turkey, the Tex-Mex cuisine of south Texas and delicacies prepared in the modest homes of Mexico to the Creole and Cajun food of New Orleans.  I desire to share these recipes with you to keep the tradition of my mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts and uncles alive.  

Entertain Effortlessly Gift Deliciously, released in 2017, is my first cookbook in a series of cookbooks that has a collection of artisan style recipes for you to entertain effortlessly and share as edible gifts.  You can also find my work in Inside New Orleans magazine's "In Great Taste" column.  Stay up to date with my monthly newsletter on my cooking workshops and events.  

My husband and I have been blessed to raise our two daughters in the deeply rooted culture of southeast Louisiana.  I have truly enjoyed a well-seasoned life, and love sharing it with you...one recipe at a time


You can find me on Instagram at y_delicacies, and on Pinterest at YDelicacies.

To contact me directly, please email: yvette@ydelicacies.com