Bistro Jeanty

Each time we visit Napa Valley I'm drawn to Bistro Jeanty in Yountville.  The charming atmosphere and exceptional staff always make for an excellent dining experience.  Chef Philippe Jeanty serves course after course of classic French cuisine, but let's jump to my favorite course...dessert.  I usually order two desserts.  First is the warm apple tarte tatin.  The deeply caramelized slab of apples has juices trickling down onto the buttery crust.  The large pieces of apple are warm and plump and pair beautifully with the vanilla bean ice cream.   Just as delicious is the Tarte au Citron.  This lemon meringue pie has a tart lemon filling topped with tall clouds of the most amazing meringue. This is why I will be back again and again...and again.