Cut Brooklyn

In New Orleans, any place worth visiting has at least one string of Christmas lights hanging year round.  It's one of the quirky things about New Orleans that my family has noticed and laughed about for years. On a recent trip to New York City, we felt right at home when we walking into Joel Bukiewicz knife shop, Cut Brooklyn.  The back of the shop is decorated with white Christmas lights strung across the ceiling.  The front of the shop is adorned with Joel's motorcycle, and yes this place is worth visiting.  

 My husband, Skip, has been using Cut Brooklyn knives for years.  I've had a healthy respect for Joel's precision sharp knives, and have finally treated myself to a set of these beautiful creations.  You don’t need to be a trained chef to appreciate the quality of these artisan knives.  Joel uses American made materials, and can spend up to 12 hours making one of his larger knives.  The process is as intriguing as his shop.  


  Knives that can be purchases are attached to a magnetic board on the shops wall.  Joel also sells intricately designed cutting boards by Nils Wessell of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks.  

Joel provided samples of his Prospect line and Journeyman line of knives.  I chose the Prospect line because the form allows for a rocking motion which I prefer when chopping.  

I initially chose the green glass-thread laminate knife handles.   After much discussion about the various materials, I chose curly ambrosia maple handles.   The wood color reminded me of my grandmother's knives.  Let's be clear, these aren't my grandmother's knives from the local hardware store. However, I do compare the sharpness of any knife to her knives.  She frequently had my grandfather sharpen them on his hand held sharpening stone.   

Just yesterday, Skip received a knife from Joel with handcrafted mosaic pins by and artist in Oregon.  I must admit, I'm a little envious, but all the more excited to receive my very own set of knives.  I'll keep you posted when I receive them.