Roberta's in Bushwick

A friend asked about my recent trip to New York, and wanted to know if I had "made it out to that pizza place?"  I didn't have the words to describe my visit to Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick.  A well know Jack Nicholson line seemed to be appropriate..."You can't handle the truth."

These folks don't take themselves too seriously, but they're serving seriously delicious food.  It's not what you would expect from a cinderblock building lined with plastic bins growing herbs and flowers. 

 It's not just about expertly charred pizza from a wood-burning oven.  It's their ingredients picked from their own garden, and creative combinations that have your taste buds dancing.    The menu simply reads: Romaine, candied walnut, pecorino and mint, but this salad was perfection.  

The Bee Sting pizza balances spicy sopressata and chili oil with a touch of honey.  The  sopressata curls up as the edges char, becoming a perfect vessel for the drizzled honey. 

Skip is a firm believer that an egg on top makes everything taste better.  Wow, did Roberta's deliver. Skip's guanciale pizza topped with a runny egg will definitely have him returning for more.  We'll all be back for more.