Cooking Workshop with Mimi Thorisson

It was a year ago that I found myself reading one of my favorite food blogs, Manger.  It is beautifully written by Mimi Thorisson and filled with gorgeous photography taken by her husband, Oddur. I was excited to read that Mimi and Oddur would be opening their home in Medoc, France and hosting workshops for a handful of participants.  I knew it was a long shot, but I quickly sent an email requesting a spot in one of Mimi’s workshops.  A few days later, I felt like I had won the lottery when I received a reply asking me to confirm my workshop dates. 

Last month I attended that dream workshop along with my husband.  Skip and I spent a few days in Bordeaux, and we then headed out to Medoc.  I had high hopes that it would be a fun workshop, but I had no idea that it would be such an incredible experience.  Our mornings began with Allegra, the adorable workshop assistant and hostess extraordinaire, welcoming us with coffee, tea and fresh pastries.  The remainder of our day was spent cooking with Mimi and Oddur as they generously opened their home, their family and their everyday lives to our workshop group.  The casual flow of each day instantly made us feel at home while gaining insight into Mimi’s cooking style.   I was unexpectedly surprised to have Oddur photograph some of the recipes we prepared.  The photos were taken for Mimi’s upcoming cookbook.  It was refreshing to see how they approach food styling and lighting with such ease.  I truly felt that we were experiencing everyday life in Medoc.

The workshop also included field trips to gourmand shops and fascinating antique stores.  I can see why Mimi and Oddur have fallen in love with Medoc. I can't thank our hosts enough for welcoming us, and making the time we spent at their home the highlight of our trip.  I’ll always remember their kindness and generosity, and how they made us feel at home when we were half a world away from our own home.