Prima Donnas: The Guardians of Haute Couture

This year marks the 7th anniversary of the Prima Donnas marching in the French Quarter on the Friday before Mardi Gras.  Our philanthropic group, of 120 ladies strong, will don beaded bustiers, big wigs, false eyelashes and a lot of sass as we strut through the Quarter.  It is a day filled with entertaining audiences ranging from Saks Fifth Avenue customers to bead-seeking tourist on Bourbon Street.  

The Prima Donna Revelers Hat Party, held in August, begins our season of Mardi Gras costume preparation.  Yes, we start planning our costumes and about six months prior to Mardi Gras.  We gather to make our group hat-selections, which determine our costume theme for the year.  

Rows and rows of repurposed Mardi Gras beads are adorned with sequins and feathers to create our beaded bustiers.  

The day of our promenade, our first stop is Saks Fifth Avenue. It's always a great day when you begin dancing through The Shops at Canal Place with a band in tow.   

As we head out to our lunch spot a few blocks away, a leisurely stroll becomes quite a spectacle in the French Quarter.

Lunch at The Court of Two Sisters gives us a chance to rest our feet, visit with friends and refuel as we prepare for our promenade .  

When the band begins to play the Prima Donnas along with their male marching members, the 'Sugar Daddies',  parade around Royal Street and Bourbon Street. The 'Sugar Daddies' assist by carrying our throws that we toss to the crowds during our promenade. Each year we have custom bracelets designed to hand out, and our Signature throws are hand-beaded-bras that each Prima Donna creates.  

We spend the remainder of the afternoon on the balcony of the Tropical Isle, tossing Mardi Gras throws to our fans on the street below.