Build-it-Yourself Crostini Bar

Throwing a party? Allow your guest to get as creative as they like with a Build-It-Yourself Crostini Bar.  The base of this concept is the crostini, slices of toasted or grilled bread, which can be piled high with spreads and toppings.  Make a variety of crostini from baguettes that range from traditional, ciabatta, whole grain and even gluten free.   Prepare ahead with a few simple staples, and why not showcase your creativity by making some of the selections on your bar?  Design a knockout crostini bar with selections of meat and cheese, something spreadable, something pickled and something sweet for a party stunner that will allow you to relax and enjoy your guest.  


Choose your BASE

Crostini: Simple Crostini made with baguettes, ciabatta, whole grain or  gluten free bread

Vegetable Chips: carrots, cucumbers, radish, celery sticks, endive, small romain leaves

Choose your SPREAD

Broccoli Pesto

Favorite Hummus

Black Eyed Pea Hummus

Sweet and Spicy Bell Pepper Jam

Choose your MEAT & CHEESE




Country Pate

Burrata cheese

Manchego cheese

Parmesan cheese

Brie topped with fig preserves and chopped pistachios

Choose your GARNISH

Sundried tomatoes

Caper berries



Marinated Artichokes

Fig Preserves

Candied Thyme Pecans

Fig Filling

Blackberry Syrup

Dijon Mustard