French Quarter Kitchen Tour

Whether you visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest, the French Quarter is always a perfect place for a stroll.   You’ll encounter street musicians, antique shops, beautiful architecture and wrought iron gates that lead to stunning courtyards. I often wonder what’s beyond those mysterious gates that lead to French Quarter residences.  I must have countless photos of wrought iron gates with a sliver of a peek into the courtyard.  During the beautiful Autumn weather, the Southern Food and Beverage museum hosted Cirque de Cuisine: A French Quarter Kitchen Tour that gave many a peek into these historic properties.  French Quarter residences range from the beautifully breathtaking to the creative and quirky.  All exemplify the soul of New Orleans.

Ten residences were on tour, each serving a small bite prepared by a chef from a local restaurant, and a beverage from a variety of vendors. The tour began at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel and included Lucullus, a culinary antique shop, which was serving crackling and Champagne.  Each home showcased their kitchen and some included a tour of the courtyard and additional rooms.  Not only did I enjoy viewing the various residences, but the tour introduced me to local restaurants that I now looking forward to visiting.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than littles bites throughout the afternoon as I stroll through Spanish, Caribbean and French architecture.  The French Quarter is full of characters, but scroll down and enjoy the eclectic kitchens and courtyards filled with character.


Participating Restaurants and Vendors

Bourbon Orleans Hotel




Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning

Grand Isle Restaurant

Brennan’s Restaurant

Chais Delachaise


Cane and Table

The rebel Restaurant Group: Root|Square Root|Part& Parcel

Two Girls, One Shuck

Salon by Sucré

Compère Lapin


Bin 428

Cool Brew

Bar Vin

Classical Wines