2 Must-Have Thanksgiving Dressings

There are 2 dressings that have to be served on Thanksgiving day. My family would probably skip the turkey and be just fine as long as these two dressings are served.  Both definitely have a gulf coast flair, but this is after all, a New Orleans style Thanksgiving we're talking about. 


The gulf coast's finest oysters add a briny flavor to New Orleans style Oyster dressing.  The beautiful texture is all in the details of how you add the oysters, and the style of bread crumbs, too.  Learn how to make this dressing like a pro with my husbands recipe for Oyster Dressing


Crawfish and andouille---need I say more?  This freezer friendly dish actually tastes better after being frozen.  What's not to love about simply defrosting, adding pats of butter on top, and reheating on Thaksgiving day?  Enjoy another one of my family's must have dressings by heading over to my Crawfish Andouille Dressing recipe.