Thanksgiving Inspiration 2017

I have Thanksgiving menu options from appetizers through the last sweet bite. Let's take a look because Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!


Broccoli Burrata Bruschetta is a beautiful appetizer to welcome your guests.


Crawfish Deviled Eggs are a nice twist on the obligatory deviled eggs platter.  


If you want everyone to gather around the table just set out a few New Orleans style Stuffed Artichokes.  They're stuffed with garlic and lemon goodness and are a crowd pleasing appetizer.  


Chicken Confit is a great option for your main course if you're having a small gathering.  


It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving in New Orleans without seafood on the menu.  Oyster dressing is popular on many holiday tables in southeast Louisiana. 

Thanksgiving is, after all, the day to pull out the stops on casserole dishes. Squash and Shrimp Casserole will fit the bill.

Mini Manchego Rolls will delight everyone especially those that prefer gluten free options!

Cranberry Skillet Cake has tart and caramelized cranberries with a buttery cake.  It's so perfect with cup of coffee on a chilly Thanksgiving day.

If all you need is a little bite of something sweet these Pecan Pie Bars are the perfect solution.  Cut into bite-size squares for the nibblers in the house.