Tempting Holiday Treats (other than cookies)

Maybe you're in need of a recipe to make with the kids, or you might just want a little something different for co-worker gifts...but cookies aren't an option.  The following options are festive and full of flavor to please any palate this holiday season.


Mendiants are the most beautifully adorned discs of chocolate that will have you enjoying a burst of citrus, salty and sweet...all in one bite!

Spicy Candied Orange Peel

If you haven't ventured into making candied oranges peel-you're in for a treat.  My Spicy Candied Orange Peel are a perfect recipe for citrus season and oh, so addictive!

Candied Thyme Pecans

Whether you need a treat for holiday snacking or gift giving Candied Thyme Pecans fit the bill!  If you want to see how to package them for gifts and get printable gift tags, too, just grab a copy of my cookbook with all the details here.

Almond Marshmallows

It's hot chocolate season and you need more marshmallows in your life. These Almond Marshmallows are pillowy soft and delicious in hot chocolate or roasted over a fire.

Pepita Spice Toffee

Pepita Spice Toffee is a recipe that can be adjusted to your liking.  Substitute your favorite nuts and chocolate and you'll be a toffee making pro in no time.