Win the Cookie Swap Game!

Are you hosting or attending a cookie swap?  I'm going to help you win this game! My competitive nature is coming out, but seriously let's clear up a few things.  Baking cookies may sound like another thing to add to the holiday to-do list, but it can actually simplify your holiday baking.  You just need to bake one type of cookie, and after the swap you'll return to your home with a nice variety of cookies.  Whip those babies out when house guest arrive, and you'll look like a baking pro.  An added bonus is that you'll have plenty of new recipes from the swap for you to add to your recipe box for the following year. Which one of the following recipes will you be baking? Be sure to tag me on Instagram @y_delicacies so that I can see your creations!

Rosemary Shortbread

 Think outside the traditional 'round cookie' box.  Slicing Rosemary Shortbread into long planks will add a distinctive twist to your cookie swap. This recipe showcases how a touch of rosemary lends an intriguing aroma to a simple dessert.   You’ll enjoy the lingering flavor as shortbread actually improves with age, and will keep for several weeks when stored in an airtight container. Get the recipe for rosemary shortbread here.

Glitter Cookies


I have to add this old school sugar cookie recipe to the list.  When I say old school, I truly mean old school.  I've been enjoying this recipe all the way back to my childhood.  You can get the complete story in my cookbook here.  For a classic recipe that never goes out of style try my Glitter Cookie recipe.

Fig Cookies


If you really want to hit this cookie swap game out of the park you need to make Fig Cookies! It's definitely a recipe for the adventurous baker, but simply make the pastry crust and filling in advance and freeze it.  Assemble and bake your cookies close to the cookie swap date.  You've got this!

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Let there be chocolate in your cookie swap game!  These easy to bake, fudgey cookies will have everyone wanting more, and no one will miss the gluten.  For a gluten-free alternative bake my Flourless Chocolate Cookies.

Gluten Free Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not all chocolate chip cookies are alike.  This Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a game changer, and again, no on will ever know these are gluten free.