Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Inspire, Mentor and Enable are at the root of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation.  They inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their fullest potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education with a focus on life skills development.  I had the privilege of experiencing the Chi Chi Miguel Weekend  which is one of the many fundraising efforts through this diverse foundation. 

My background is in speech pathology where I worked with my clients to reach their goals and achieve their full potential.  I often utilized cooking activities to accomplish my clients goals.  It has been exciting to discover how the Emeril Lagasse foundation has utilized culinary events to make a positive impact on our Gulf coast community.  It was a natural fit and an honor to have YDelicacies treats included in this years swag bags. The Emeril Lagasse Foundation is a passionate group that realize the importance of improving our community by improving life skills.  All of this through culinary, nutrition and arts education.  BAM!  It's a beautiful thing!