Fermenting Workshop At Matthew Kenney Culinary

I attended a fermenting workshop with the talented team at Matthew Kenney Culinary school. We were guided through the process of fermentation techniques to create kimchi, kombucha and nut based cheese. This information packed class began with a hands-on nut cheese lesson followed by a kimchi lesson. Not only did we prepare a batch of kimchi, we were able to taste kimchi made by the culinary students to have a frame of reference for the flavor.   We prepared a unique kimchi sauce that we enjoyed with kelp noodles during our lunch break. The enthusiastic staff demonstrated and shared their love of kombucha.  I’m not using the term ‘love’ loosely.  This staff if passionate about kombucha! They shared the fruits of their labor along with tips and the health benefits of kombucha.   We left with a parting gift of the ‘mother’ to begin our own batch of home brewed kombucha.  I couldn’t travel with my batch of kimchi, but I left it with my daughter.   She did mention that it is fermenting beautifully.  I’m pleased to say that my cheese cloth wrapped nut cheese, and my bag filled with the ‘mother’ floating in kombucha made it through airport security.  The instructors at Matthew Kenney Culinary have inspired me to delve into the world of fermentation much more confidently.  I look forward to developing and sharing my recipes using my new fermenting techniques.  In the meantime, enjoy my workshop photos of this enthusiastic staff who are truly crafting the future of food.