7 Recipes To Make Using Eggs

All it takes is for the weekend to draw near and I start stocking up on eggs.  Weekends were made for eggs.  Actually I enjoy eggs during the week as well as weekends.  I'll eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  These are some my fave egg recipes that you can prepare this weekend when your lounging around and getting in some kitchen time.  

Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs are a traditional Mexican peasant dish of fried tortillas in salsa.    This dish makes use of leftover corn tortillas and salsa, and the tortillas can be fried a day in advance. Skip this step by using extra thick tortilla chips often found in Latin markets. It’s an excellent breakfast or brunch dish when entertaining houseguests.

Chorizo and green onion tart.png

Chorizo and green onion tart is an excellent recipe for a casual lunch or weekend dinner.  

There’s almost nothing more gratifying than a long brunch with family and friends. Oven baked egg cups that are layered with sautéed vegetables and accompanied by flavorful crostini are a lovely treat for brunch.   Breakfast for dinner? It’s as easy as adding a leafy green salad, and this recipe can double as dinner. 

This sweet potato and turkey frittata can easily be made with chicken, too.  This is a great way to use those home grown herbs in your window sill.  

Menemen with Sumac yogurt sauce.png

Menemen with sumac yogurt sauce is a dish that I often enjoyed when living in Turkey.  Tangy sumac yogurt and sweet wilted tomatoes are swirled into eggs with bursts of flavor from fennel and cumin seeds.

Chimichurri deviled eggs are a staple in my home.   Try these tasty little bites the next time you're looking for an easy weekend snack or party treat.  

 This gently stirred concoction called "migas" has layers of browned onions, corn tortilla crisps and creamy streaks of egg yolk. It's a dish that cleverly transforms your day-old tortillas into a traditional Tex-Mex breakfast.