7 Favorite Recipes For Thanksgiving Gatherings

When you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving day it’s always fun to try a new recipe or two. Go ahead and add a new recipe to your repertoire. Share your version with me by tagging me on instagram @y_delicacies. I’d like to share what you’re making in your kitchen.

butternut squash bisque.jpeg

Your guest will enjoy a warming cup of Butternut Squash Bisque. The spicy oil and pepitas that are drizzled on top are so tasty, you may want to make extra for drizzling on Thanksgiving side dishes.


The gulf coast's finest oysters add a briny flavor to New Orleans style Oyster dressing.  The beautiful texture is all in the details of how you add the oysters, and the style of bread crumbs, too.  Learn how to make this dressing like a pro with my husbands recipe for Oyster Dressing

Chicken Confit is a great option for your main course if you're having a small gathering.  Honestly it’s delicious any time of year!

one dish baked chicken and leeks.jpg

If you’re keeping it real casual, my One Dish Baked Chicken and Leeks will have you preparing the main dish and a veggie all at once.

Cranberry Skillet Cake has tart and caramelized cranberries with a buttery cake.  It's so perfect with cup of coffee on a chilly Thanksgiving day.

If all you need is a little bite of something sweet these Pecan Pie Bars are the perfect solution.  Cut into bite-size squares for the nibblers in the house.

cranberry taret with a cocoa crust.jpeg

If you’re a fan of these sweet-yet-tart berries, you’re in for a real treat with my Cranberry Tart with a Cocoa Crust.  This no-prebake cookie-like crust beautifully compliments the tangy cranberry filling. The filling is so delicious you can serve it in place of your traditional canned sauce.

blueberry cranberry galette.jpeg

Looking for a recipe for your leftover cranberries?

Try this blueberry cranberry galette for breakfast or dessert…your house guest will thank you!