Cinco De Mayo Fave Recipes

We're on the Cinco de Mayo countdown so let's talk Mexican food.  Where do I even begin, as I am partial to Tex-Mex food.  All Mexican food is not created equal. It varies regionally within the United States, and it varies so much more throughout Mexico.  My Tex-Mex recipes are a combination of the northern Mexican style of cooking with a fusion of American influences that I've experienced growing up in south Texas. Tex-Mex cuisine from south Texas is not the same in the northern half of Texas.  It is interesting how Tex-Mex cuisine is so distinct in the area between the Texas-Mexico border and San Antonio.  Geographically speaking Austin is not far north of San Antonio.    However, there's a saying that if you want good Tex-Mex food in Austin...get in a car and drive to San Antonio.  I'll let you be the judge, but in the meantime here are some recipes for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.  I'd love to see your version so tag me on Instagram at @y_delicacies.  

Let's kick off Cinco de Mayo with some breakfast!  Chilaquiles with fried eggs will feed a crowd and start off your day with a bang!

Make this for a Cinco de Mayo crowd, or make this Tex-Mex Fideo for your family any time of year!

There must be nachos!  Skillet nachos are even better.  Give them a try!

Everyone will be looking for queso.  My cheddar cheese sauce is great for dipping, pouring...basically all types of Cinco noshing.  

Salsa martajada is a molcajete full of love.  What more do you need in life that warm salsa?

Impress your friends with this Chocoflan cake.  This is how you need to end your Cinco de Mayo celebration.