Tomato recipes for the height of the season

We love our tomatoes in Southeast Louisiana.  We even have a tomato festival celebrating tomato season.  Here are some of my favorite recipes that celebrate this plump red fruit.  

tomato pie.png

There's mayo, bacon, cheddar cheese and somewhere underneath there's also tomatoes.  You're going to love this Tomato Pie that my husband created.

heirloom tomato and buratta salad.jpeg

Give me all the tomatoes and all the burrata and let's call it a day!  Grab the details on my no-recipe page for my Heirloom Tomato and Burrata salad here.  

I'm taking it back to my south Texas roots with this Salsa Martajada recipe.  I stir it into eggs, tacos and it oh so delicious served warm with chips.  

farmers market pickled veggies.jpeg

I love this brine with anything seasonal from the farmers market.  Farmers market pickled veggies are most definitely the best with a variety of ripe tomatoes.  Here's a tip from this photo:  toss in some sliced banana peppers, too.