Clean Out The Fridge Squash and Peppers

Squash in all shapes and sizes are a farmers' market treasure.  I use these bowl-like vessels to create a clean-out-the-fridge stuffing. Basically, this no-recipe dish involves taking what you have on hand to create the stuffing.  It's a great way to create a dish with farmers market finds and repurpose leftovers.  The squash, peppers or whatever your farmers' market find includes, are natures bowls. I baked the squash and bell peppers whole on a baking sheet until softened.  I did remove the peppers much sooner than the squash.  Once cooled, I scooped out the squash and bell pepper and set them in a baking dish.

sausage stuffed squash 2.jpg

I had leftover Whole Foods 365 brand pork sausage that was sautéed in olive oil with chopped onions.  It was spiced it with salt, pepper, rubbed sage and garlic powder.  Chopped apples were added and sautéed until softened.  I then stirred in leftover wild rice.  

sausage stuffed squash 1.jpg

The squash and peppers were filled with the ground pork mixture.  I had a can of tomato paste that I diluted with 3 cups of chicken broth.  I poured the tomato brothy liquid all around the squash.  The dish was baked at 350 degrees F until the liquid was bubbling, about 1 hour.

As I mentioned this is a great clean-out-the-fridge dish.  You can vary the sausage with ground chicken.  You can add diced pears or peaches instead of the apples.  Quinoa, faro or your favorite cooked rice can be used instead the wild rice.  I'd love to see your creation so tag me on Instagram @y_delicacies. Enjoy!