Recipes to make the most of Stone Fruit Season!

 Stone fruit season is much to short in my opinion. I could easily eat my weight in stone fruit!  It's the season of eating them right out of our hands and in baked goods galore.  Continue reading to see some of my fave stone fruit recipes.  


Show me what you've made and I'll share it with others on my Instagram account at @y_delicacies.  


Y'all!  This salad!! This vinaigrette!!! I can't wait for you to try my stone fruit salad with pepita vinaigrette!


Yes, the recipe title is Almond and Pear Tart, but you can easily swap stone fruit for pears!  Just do it and let me know how it turns out on Instagram @y_delicacies!

This is that perfect little something at the end of a meal.  It's at the top of my over-abundance-of -stone-fruit-at-the-beach-treat because I don't have to worry about keeping it refrigerated.  This Plum easy cake really is easy peasy, I promise!