Zesty Party Platter

If you know anything about me you know that I love gathering around good food and good company. I can easily feed an unplanned gathering without much stress by having a well stocked pantry and refrigerator. Everyone loves snack, so when unexpected company arrives I go into bite-size snack mode. Zatarain’s has products the are quick and easy to combine so that you’ll be feasting with family and friends in no time at all. Zatarain’s Andouille and Cajun style smoked sausages pair well with their Cheddar Jalapeño cornbread mix for bite-size Cornbread Sausage Poppers that are party ready in minutes. These are great for an early morning treat with a side of eggs or combined with Sausage Bites with a Creole Dipping Sauce for a zesty party platter. The Sausage bites are meant to be dipped in the Creole dipping sauce, but I like foraging in my panty and refrigerator for anything dippable in this creamy sauce. Chilled veggies are a great contrast to the baked cornbread poppers and sausage bites. For additional items that go well with the creamy dipping sauce add cucumber spears, mini bell pepper strips, celery sticks and carrot sticks to name a few. I usually have briny cornichons or caper berries on hand which are a nice touch to the party platter. I then fill in the gaps with nuts ranging from Marcona almonds, candied pecans to salty pistachios. Garnish with herbs, flowers or clippings from your yard and you’ll be set to feed a crowd. Some of my fave Zatarain’s items that I keep on hand are Cheddar Jalapeño Cornbread mix, Creole mustard, Cajun style smoked Sausage and Andouille sausage. Stock up at your local Rouses market throughout the southeast. These party platters are so much fun to create and I want to see you version. Share your photos by tagging me on Instagram at @y_delicacies. Happy feasting, my friends!!!

zatarains 360 3696.jpg