Juan's Favorite Recipes

My father recently passed away and this blog post is celebrating the recipes he often requested. He loved his wife, admired his children and grandchildren and would want us to celebrate his service to our country, his love of coffee and some of his favorite recipes.

My dad loved snacking all day long along with his cup of coffee. We had a great time creating this granola recipe that normally has a long shelf life in an air tight container, but around my dad it quickly disappeared.


Click here to read about my introduction to flat bread while my father’s military career transported us to Turkey for a couple of years. My dad loved a good snack platter and this is a great accompaniment.

french bread muffuletta.png

This easy-to-assemble sandwich was one of my father’s often requested savory treats. I would make a couple of these French Bread Muffulettas and freeze them. He would easily thaw and bake when the cravings hit.

Spicy candied orange peel.jpeg

My father wasn’t a fan of anything spicy, but he sure loved a little kick in these Spicy Canided Orange Peel.

fig cookies.JPG

It may come as no surprise that my dad was a cookie monster. He loved Fig Cookies which he enjoyed while we visited St. Joseph Altars in the New Orleans area which is an Italian Catholic celebration.

Sister Bernadetta Biscotti 1.jpg

Poppy loved a good cookie that he could dip in his cup of coffee. I spent a day baking with Sister Bernadetta in Covington, Louisiana, who shared her legendary Italian family recipe for biscotti. The following day I traveled to San Antonio, and this batch of biscotti became the contents of my carry-on luggage. I would occasionally mail my father a batch whenever he ran low on biscotti, as these keep for months in a metal tin. He made it very clear that he would not be sharing his biscotti. One of his favorite hobbies included target shooting which brings me to his gun safe. He actually stored his biscotti tin in his gun safe. Recipe to come.

Juan Zuniga Jr .JPG