Stewed Fruit

It’s been chilly, then warm and foggy and back to chilly in southeast Louisiana. It’s the type of weather that chills you to the bone even when it’s not particularly cold outside. When I met my Louisiana born and bred husband he would describe the weather as ‘damp’ which I found odd. After having lived in Louisiana I now know the meaning of ‘damp’. I also know that these are the days that have me craving warm and comforting food.


This morning I went on a scavenger hunt for any fruit that might be ready to expire in the fruit bowl on the counter. I discovered half filled containers of berries in the refrigerator along with a juicy lemon and a large knob of ginger root. The freezer revealed blueberries and a couple of bags of peeled and cored pairs from a friends yard in San Antonio. I broke a cinnamons stick into a few pieces, grated the ginger, zested the lemon and tossed it all in a wide pot. I added a splash of water, covered the pot and let it simmer for about 1 1/2 hours. It created beautifully colored pears with a barely sweet sauce that is perfect spooned over oatmeal, served with a roast or simply on its own. Give it a try, and let’s all share our version of this No Recipe dish by tagging me on instagram at @y_delicacies. Stay warm and cozy my friends!

gjinger pear butter 9005.jpg

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