New Year, Continued Traditions

We’re off to a new year and I love how both my husband and I grew up with holiday traditions that have blended into one big tradition filled holiday season for our daughters. It begins with Thanksgiving with my husband, Skip, who’s family’s must have Oyster Dressing and Crawfish Andouille Dressing on the Thanksgiving table. I prepare a variety of desserts for Thanksgiving each year, and the new favorite is the Pecan Pie Bars.

As we move into Christmas, Skip and our daughters make Christmas morning breakfast which is usually an egg dish and a sweet indulgent dish. The recipes vary from Andouille & Egg Bake to rich French toast casserole. My must-haves on the table for Christmas Day include Buñuelos and tamales from south Texas . For New Years Eve I grew up enjoying Buñuelos with a bottomless cup of Mexican hot chocolate.  On New Years day my husband always makes Black-Eyed Peas for good luck and Corned Beef and Cabbage for prosperity. We always share this meal with family, friends and neighbors to kick off the new year. Enjoy these photos from this years New Years day batch of Black-Eyed Peas and Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Winter blooms during the holiday season in southeast Louisiana are profuse and filled with color. Clippings make convenient and colorful tablescapes.


It’s a delicious labor of love, but we look forward to this meal every year. We were so glad to share it with long time friends and new friends this 2019 New Years day.

This year I continued to work on my recipe for my Aunt Odilias rolls. She makes them for every holiday throughout the year and of course she doesn’t have a recipe. Well, she does have a recipe that seems to vary every time I ask her for it. I’m determined to get this one in my next cookbook and everyone agreed that this was my best batch yet!

Just when the fast pace of the holidays have come to an end we’re just gearing up in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and king cake season. I have my local favorite king cake bakery that I enjoy, but here’s a Galette de Rois recipe that I enjoy making and sharing with others.


When it’s Mardi Gras time

One must enjoy a Galette des Rois!